Diane's inspirations

Below are just some of my inspirations.


Ah...our roses....before the Japanese beetles got to them this year! The little shrub rose did more beautifully than it has done in ages. Since we took out all of our perennials and are planting only shrubbery....we decided to leave this lovely little bit of color.

Tunnel Path!

Our "Tunnel" path from our driveway up to the back yard and porch! We love this cool little spot. We want to put a small bench at the top. It seems like a nice spot to while away a summer afternoon with a glass of iced tea. Yes, that's one of my flags by Toland. I love the colors in this one - one of my primitive styles of painting. I am always amazed that a tiny painting - this original is only about 5x7 inches, can be exploded into something so large with today's computers! There's a matching little garden flag, too.

Trip to London

Here are some pictures that I took when we visited London this May with our daughters, Holly and Danielle. It was wonderful! Yes, it rained! But only ONCE! We walked and walked and walked. I think we must have done easily 20 miles a day. Luckily, a wonderful pub was next door to our hotel so by dinner time the walking meant only a few more steps! And YES, the sky really WAS that BLUE when we visited the Tower! The only stressful part of the whole trip was running from one gate to another at JFK when we switched planes due to a short connection time and a delay waiting for a gate! We got to our connection just as they were already boarding. When are they building the bridge? ;-)

And just to prove that we really were in London....Holly took this of Mick and I in the gardens at Westminster Abbey. What a lovely, secluded spot! It isn't always open to the public so we were fortunate that day. Isn't my guy handsome!

My studio

Take a peek into my studio....on one of its neater days! This is where I work during the winter, but in nice, warm weather I paint on the porch because I can't stand to be shut indoors! Our winters are long and hard here in Pennsylvania. I love being on the porch because it is surrounded by our perennial gardens - wonderfully inspiring!

Our Porch

Welcome to my summer haunt: our tiny back porch! But you can see, from the flowers that surround it and the sunshine all around, why I love being out here with my paints.


...and this is someone else who obviously LOVES hanging around on the porch too! This is "Sweetie," our adopted little foundling from PetSmart. Our daughter, Holly, found her for us and now she is our shadow 24/7!


Another of my favorite thing to do is take pictures. Now that I've learned how to use a digital camera, watch out! If it doesn't move, I'll snap it. This is a Centaurea plant in our garden. I LOVE how the digital camera lets me take these close-ups.

Queen Anne's Lace



Wisteria quilt

"Here is something that I do when my work day of painting is finished....quilting. This was my first art quilt project that was really involved. I did it on my new Husqvarna sewing machine that is now sitting idle because I have so many painting projects going. I have just been able to pick up some small hand quilting and embellishment while I'm "on break" in the evenings."